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Million Dollar Mastermind Roundtable

Hey there.

My name is Will Peña.

And like you, I’m an entrepreneur. 

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the 3 biggest obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs from being successful. 

These are the obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs from reaching 7-8 figures in their business.

The good news is that if you can eliminate these obstacles, getting to 7-8 figures becomes a whole lot easier.

1. The first obstacle is delay.

Delay is when entrepreneur's procrastinate from taking the actions they need to, in order to be successful.

Delay has prevented the most entrepreneurs from seeing their businesses make millions and totally changing their lives forever.

2. The second biggest obstacle is isolation. 

When entrepreneur try to reach their goals on their own, they follow the painful path of trial and error.

Ultimately, this creates a lot of friction in their business, and wastes a lot of time and money.

Now the action-oriented, self-motivated, driven entrepreneur might succeed alone.


But the majority of entrepreneurs do not succeed in isolation.

And when you look at the stats, almost every successful entrepreneur in the world has had a mentor, a coach or a mastermind group that helped them succeed.

3. The final biggest obstacle to entrepreneur's success, is a lack of consistency.

With all of the hundreds of daily distractions, entrepreneurs have a really difficult time staying focused.

And this leads to entrepreneurs wasting time, and not reaching their business' full potential.

So, the question I have for you today is:


Are you going to let these obstacles stop you from being as successful as you know you can be?

Are you going to let these obstacles stop you from making the 7-8 figures that you know you are capable of?

The good news is that you have 3 options to completely eliminate these obstacles out of your way.

1. Go at it alone, just work harder - you can, but like we discussed, isolation doesn't work.

2. Hire a coach - but coaches are really expensive.

3. Join a mastermind - find a group of peers that can support you and your business to reach your million dollar goals.

Now if you're thinking the first two are not very appealing, you're not alone.


But, that means you need to find a mastermind group that can support you, guide you, keep you focused and can help you reach your full potential to make millions.

Unfortunately, not all mastermind groups are created equal.

That's because it's hard to find the right people.

And unless you have the right leader, that has experienced making millions, and knows how to inspire you to succeed, most groups don't last very long. 

But I want to tell you about a mastermind group I run called:


The Million Dollar Mastermind Roundtable.

In this mastermind group we dial things up to 11 - not in extra work, but in maximum impact.

In this Mastermind you will get:

  • A weekly 15 Minute Power Principle that will help you 10X your business results.

  • Experienced business owners that will dig into your business to help you overcome any obstacles and make progress. (like having your own board of advisors).

  • You'll get consistent high quality advice that will help you stay focused on doing the highest value tasks in your business week after week.

  • You'll make a commitment every week to do high leveraged tasks, that the group will hold you accountable to do.

  • You'll make great friends and partner with other big-hearted, talented and driven entrepreneurs that are going the same direction you are.

If that is what you are looking to be a part of, just click the button below to sign up.


Why Should I Trust You, Will Peña MBA?

Now you may be thinking, "Will Pena, why should I trust you?"

Well, here's a little of my background so you can understand who you are working with.

I used to clean toilets, I've worked in restaurants, I worked as a barista, I worked at a call center and more.

I did all that just to put food on the table for my family.

But I never had anything to show for it.

Except bags under my eyes.

And a lot of debt. 

I even ended up in 4 million dollars in debt at one point. 😮

I knew there was a way to make money.

I just needed to learn how.

So I threw myself into learning everything I could about successful entrepreneurship.

And I devoured every million dollar training I could find. 

I was determined to make $1M in the next 5 years.

And guess what? 

I reached $1M.

But it didn’t take me 5 years to do it. 

The first time I reached $1M, I did it in 18 months selling binoculars to birdwatchers.

The second time I reached $1M, I did it in 12 months selling kids books. 

I was even nominated for a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice award.














Then I took both of those businesses to 8-figures each.

And in this mastermind, I will teach you how to do the same.

It's Easier Than You Think

The best part is that in today's economy, making 7-8 figures is a lot easier than you think.


Consider this:

  • There are 62 million millionaires in the world.

  • 24 million millionaires live in the United States.

  • And out of those, about 2 million millionaires in the US are under 30.

  • And one of the youngest millionaires ever was Ryan Kaji age 7 (Ryan’s Toy Review).


Why am I telling you this?

Because, if you join our Million Dollar Mastermind Roundtable, I am going to show you everything you need to know to get to 7-8 figures.

And, I'm going to show you how to get there faster.

So if you’re ready to make 7-8 figures.

Then join our Million Dollar Mastermind Roundtable by clicking the link below.


What's The Investment?

Normally, I run this mastermind for High Achievers that want to make $20M-$50M.

They usually invest $10K per month to get this training.

And it makes absolutely sense for them - because they invest $10K a month, and I help them make millions.

Since you are just starting out in your journey, I have decided to reduce the investment for you this one time only. 

Meaning I will never offer this option in the future, ever.

But, if you are willing to commit the next 6 months to being a part of this program...


And if you are willing to go all out, and throw yourself wholeheartedly to being the successful entrepreneur you were meant to be.

Also, if you commit to taking high leveraged action week after week.

Then I am willing to lower the investment of our Million Dollar Mastermind RoundTable for you, for the the low investment of:

Price: Normally $9997 a Month 

(One Time Offer for Your: $497 a Month)


In this Mastermind you will learn:

👉 The step by step system to get to 7-8 figures.

👉 Coaching to get rid of the head trash that is keeping you from making millions.

👉 Effective guidelines to help you make million dollar decisions.

👉 An entire team of talented entrepreneurs helping you overcome any obstacle in your business. (your own personal Advisory Board)

👉 A community to keep you focused, keep you inspired, keep you  accountable and give you the support you need to reach your 7-8 figure goal.


📕Meet once a week for our Mastermind session.

📕 Be involved in WhatsApp chat and engage in daily ideas and resources.

Your Promise:

👍 I will Learn from doing (Take action attitude).

👍 I will Be Resourceful (use all means necessary to figure things out).

👍⁠I will Be Tenacious (I’ll pivot, but I will never give up).

👍I will complete the Weekly Leveraged Action Steps.


Normally: Valued at $9997/mo

 (One Time Offer: $497/mo)

Register Now 👇:

But this Training is NOT for you if:

  • You’re desperate to pay some bills and think this will help you.

  • You’re not willing to go all out to build your business.

  • You don’t really think it’s possible to reach 7-8 figures.

  • You’re just putting your toe in the water, but you’re not ready to jump in head first.

If this is you 👆, save your money. This community is not for you.

But if you believe this Million Dollar Mastermind RoundTable will help you reach your true potential.

What are you waiting for?

Join the movement! 

Register Now 👇:

To your success,


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